Days and Dates of Special Interest for Linking to.

(Add to your diary)

Mt Compass Cup Annual Cow Race

Dairy cows made to race by one ‘riding’ and 3 others goading  

Held on Australia Day January 26th

World Wildlife Day

An opportunity to speak for our iconic, unique wildlife

Held on March 3rd

International Women’s Day

A chance to write about the female reproduction systems of layer hens, dairy cows and sow stalls

Held on March 8th

Duck Shooting Season

Usually between March 19th and June 26th

Urrbrae Agricultural High School

Open day and farm tour

Usually around March 20th 3 tours- Morn, afternoon, evening

Adopt a Greyhound Week/Month

Held April 1st to 30th

Easter Oakbank Carnival Jumps Racing

Jumps horse deaths and injuries

Held different date every year

International Respect for Chickens Month

May 1st to 31st

Christmas in July

About turkeys (Big Bird, Big Cruelty)ducks, pigs & chickens

Early in July

Biggest Morning Tea

Cooking without eggs and milk

May 2nd to 8th

Live Below the Line

A chance to explain to people how tasty and inexpensive vegan food is

May 4th to 8th

World Environment Day

Health of the earth’s ecosytems, oceans, rivers. Intensive factory farming

June 5th 

World Oceans Day

Speaking up for healthy oceans = healthy planet, sharks are the oceans’ cleaners, micro plastics, super trawling world wide etc

Held on June 8th

World Day for the End of Speciesism

Talk about the social debate of our time

Held on August 26th

World Threatened Species Day

Write about Australian wildlife, koalas, kangaroos, sharks, whales etc

Held on September 7th

World Day for Farmed Animals OR World habitat Day

Write about chickens, turkeys, pigs, ducks, camels, cattle, sheep etc

Held on October 2nd    Care of the earth and environment

Be Kind to Animals Week

An opportunity to write about all animals, kangaroos, cats, dogs, goats, farmed, native or wild.

Held from Oct !st to 7th

World Food Day

A chance to write about the health benefits of veganism

Held on October 16th

Bird Week

Write about Duck shooting, threatened bird species, caged birds, farmed meat chickens, ducks, turkeys, layer hens etc

Held Oct 23rd

World Vegan Day

Vegan Festival

Held on November 3rd to 4th

White Ribbon Day for women

Another opportunity to write about the reproduction of the layer hens, dairy cows and sow stalls

Held on Nov 25th

World Fisheries Day

Write about commercial and recreational fishing, NOT Catching the “big one” -the most important for producing more fish numbers, ocean acidification etc

Held on Nov 21st

Christmas Day

Write about turkeys, ducks, chickens and pigs.

Some topics to watch for in the media, circus in town, photos of animals, Great Australian Bight, Great Barrier Reef, David Attenborough- too many humans, shark finning, rodeos and bull riding events, koalas, kangaroos, animal truck rollovers, greyhounds, Port River dolphins, bats in the parklands, corellas, charities that promote animals as gifts (Oxfam, World Vision etc)