Poll call

March 2018

The important headline "Poll call for parties to show hands on KI oil," supports previous exploration opposition calls by the Wilderness and Conservation Societies, the public for whom politicians are accountable and Kangaroo Island's Mayor, Peter Clements, who said, "I don't know of anyone who supports seismic testing in the Bight...and it would have a big impact on the vote on KI..," and statewide.

There is no way of insuring catastrophic spills will not devastate the entire coastline, spread by the massive currents of the ocean. Whales are a vital part of the oceans' ecology and make it possible for life in our oceans to exist.

The Great Australian Bight is their breeding ground and seismic explosions will deafen, interfere with their navigation, and ultimately kill them. Voters must be heard.

Diane Cornelius