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Kangaroos in harmony

February 2019

Douglas Mackenzie claims he is an advocate of the commercial culling of kangaroos, which is known worldwide as the largest slaughter of unique native land animals in the world. These animals are killed at night, dazzled by headlights, their joeys killed or left to perish.

Kangaroos cannot be herded like docile sheep and cattle.

Head-shots are difficult even for shooters, and body killed kangaroos are not accepted by the meat industry.

He is correct that "kangaroos also have far less effect on the physical environment than do cattle." This is because kangaroos have lived in harmony with their country for millennia.

Their long front claws dig the soil and their long tails cover the seeds as they pass over them.

Intensive farming of sheep and cattle has brought ecosystem and depletion of water, their hard hooves compact the soil so nothing can grow.

Only about 7 per cent of kangaroo meat is used for human consumption, and intensive commercial farming of any animals in our fragile, arid country is definitely not sustainable.

Kangaroos are our iconic national emblem, yet are seldom seen by tourists who come here for just that purpose.

Diane Cornelius

Kangaroo injustice 

December 2018   

Our citizens consider Australia to be a nation of animal lovers who care about animal welfare. Yet, Australia is responsible for the largest slaughter of native animals in the world: that of our iconic kangaroos.

Our government is encouraging the commercial killing for human consumption and skins for export to Europe, Asia and South America for profit.

Permits allow landholders without shooting expertise to “harvest” over 100 individual kangaroos.

Kangaroos have existed in Australia for millennia, and have done no harm to their environment. Their sharp front claws scratch up the earth and their heavy tails cover the seeds, aiding propagation of vegetation.

Imported sheep and cattle, on the other hand, denude the ground of growth and compact the earth, so nothing can grow, thus destroying the earth’s diversity. Additionally, kangaroos do not reproduce during droughts, and contrary to what animal farmers would have us believe, they do not compete with livestock for food.

Why is there no outcry against this injustice?

We can co-exist, and utilise our unique tourist attraction.

 Diane Cornelius

Not pests

September 2018
How extremely sad to read about kangaroos being targeted by morons with cruel crossbows.

Iconic kangaroos have lived in their own country for millennia and have not destroyed it.

European settlement has caused them to be labelled “pests” , resulting in them being abused. 

Diane Cornelius 

Kangaroos not problem

April 2018
It's humans who are the "problem", not the kangaroos. (Roos on the rampage.)

Kangaroos are native to this land. We - the majority of us - are not.

Yet we slaughter kangaroos by the millions for monetary gain and we kill thousands of them because they dare to eat the grass that we want for our introduced animals who we intend to kill anyway.

I feel sorry for the vineyard owner whose crop was ravaged by hungry kangaroos but I feel greater sympathy for the kangaroos whose homeland has been ravaged by us.

Jenny Moxham

Roo trial

April 2018

The article ‘Roo trial certainty needed,’ overlooked several facts that need addressing.

Firstly, John Kelly from the Kangaroo Association claims that kangaroos are worth monetarily more when fed to humans, in a ‘protein starved world’.

There are no hospital wards for ‘protein deficiency’ anywhere in the world.

Yes, people are starving from malnutrition caused by grain and crops being fed to farmed animals rather than directly to humans.

Protein is readily available in plants as attested by herbivores such as huge elephants and cattle.

Secondly, Nationals’ Steph Ryan states, ‘‘Permits restricted to professional shooters would go some way to ensuring humane culling methods’’.

There is no such thing as ‘humane culling’. Even professional shooters find head shots problematic and many gentle animals die slowly from body wounds.

There are no requirements to report how many are killed.

Kangaroo numbers are already low.

Diane Cornelius

Hunters bring in their prey for trophies

May 2018

Referring to the article “ Hunters bring in their prey for trophies." Deer were introduced into New Zealand in the 1950s, seeing profitable deer farming grow there since then.

I went to the website of the 'Wild Buck Hunt' and was appalled at the heaps of photos of both cruel bow hunters and rifle shooters who had their photos taken with their dead prey. Demonstrating total lack of compassion. The fifty youngsters who crowded the trophy table at the Dannevirke Merrylees Hotel were being taught nothing about compassion for all living creatures.

The hotel's paltry $500 donation to the St John Shuffle would hardly have made a dint in the day's takings. As soon as an animal is called a 'pest' they become fair game for rednecks who delight in killing them. In Australia, it is termed roo hunting and the same types are cashing in on slaughtering our iconic kangaroos

Diane Cornelius

No need for roo cull

May 2018

I’m disgusted that ‘‘my’’ government is, yet again, planning to kill thousands of healthy, happy, sentient native animals. It claims that they are carrying out this slaughter to protect the environment, the same environment that it regularly chews up in order to spit out more and more roads and houses. 

Then, to replace the roos grazing of grasslands, it burns them or turns them over to cattle. And to this date, it has never produced a study showing that the cull (which it has cunningly established as an accepted, annual event) is achieving what it claims – either in terms of the state of the grasslands or of the numbers of roos given that they control their own fertility in response to their environment. 

These animals are not weeds, they will suffer and the government has no right to take their lives from them.

Mike O’Shaughnessy