So much suffering

December 2018

Over the last few months, between three and five million gentle, friendly turkeys were forced to endure lives of unspeakable suffering culminating with an agonising and terrifying death.

For what? To titillate our taste buds at a meal likely forgotten in hours.

Turkey at 25%.jpg

How can we justify inflicting so much suffering on gentle and inoffensive birds for something as frivolous and unnecessary as momentary tastebud pleasure?

Jenny Moxham

Christmas cruelty

December 2018

The Christmas decorations are up. The tree is trimmed. Shopping centres are crammed with people buying gifts for loved ones. What a happy time of the year this is. Or is it?

If you happen to be a factory-farmed turkey it is one of the unhappiest times of the year. Barely able to move in their tightly packed sheds, the millions of turkeys destined for Christmas dinner are finding that, with every passing day, their suffering intensifies.

As the ammonia in the air increases so does the burning in their eyes and lungs. And lying on the ammonia-laden faecal matter is increasingly burning their feet, legs and breasts.

Because of the abnormal way they are bred, farmed turkeys also suffer from swollen joints, crippled legs, degeneration of the hip joints and crippled feet.

Their deaths will be violent, terrifying and agonising. Why do so many of us fail to see the incongruity of celebrating the birth of the “Prince of Peace” by subjecting these gentle and peaceful animals to this enormous suffering?

Jenny Moxham

"Peace and Goodwill" at Christmas

Dec 2017

Turkeys are being fattened and cruelly slaughtered for our celebrations of "Peace and Goodwill." The "time for giving" is our opportunity to give life, and have a fabulous cruelty free celebration.

 As consumers we are presented with animal flesh that is completely disconnected from its origins, on pristine trays and plastic wrapped. Thousands of one day old turkeys are placed in each shed, allowing the young poults each the size of an A3 sheet of paper to live on for their short 3 months of life.

Denied everything that is natural to them, as basic as spreading their wings, perching, foraging, dust bathing, breathing fresh air and feeling the sun. To reduce frustrated pecking, due to such close confinement, they have their beaks, snoods and toes cut, which causes long term pain. 

Sheds are not cleaned out for the entire 3 months, so faecal matter accumulates resulting in a build up of ammonia, causing lung and skin diseases. This is indicative of standard industry practice. 

There are hundreds of kinder, easy, delicious vegan recipes on the internet and in libraries.

Diane Cornelius

For what? To titillate our taste buds at a meal likely forgotten in hours.