Some clucks given

January 2019

The modern-day meat chicken needs to become forcibly extinct before we can seriously talk about broiler welfare. (No clucks given: chicken welfare not an industry priority)

For nothing but greed, “broilers” have been abnormally bred to balloon to adult size in just six weeks, creating enormous health problems.

Unable to support their heavy bodies, their baby legs become crippled, and birds, unable to reach food and water, die slowly of starvation and thirst.

Others die from heart failure and pulmonary oedema, a condition where their lungs fill with fluid and birds slowly suffocate or “drown”.

Almost all birds are in chronic pain by the time they reach slaughter weight.

If a genuine attempt is to be made to improve the welfare of meat chickens it is imperative that the breeding of these man-made monstrosities ceases. If we continue to allow meat chickens to be bred in this cruel manner, any discussion about their ”welfare” is a joke.


Chicken suffering

October 2018
Deliberately breeding birds in a manner known to cause them immense suffering should be regarded as a serious act of animal cruelty and punished accordingly. (Playing chicken with animal welfare)

Even though they are still blue-eyed babies when they reach slaughter weight at six weeks of age, almost every broiler chicken is in chronic pain due to their abnormal breeding. Many will have died in the sheds because their crippled legs prevented them from accessing food and water. Others will have died from heart disease and pulmonary oedema - a condition where their lungs fill with fluid and they slowly suffocate or "drown”.

Isn't it time we all helped end this cruelty by refusing to support this ruthless industry with our consumer dollar?.

Jenny Moxham

Grim life of the fowl

October 2018

As we celebrate National Bird Week (October 22-28) please spare a thought for the millions of Australian birds who never get to enjoy – even glimpse – the beautiful world in which they live.

They are never permitted to feel the warmth of the sun on their backs or breathe fresh air.

Their lives are short and painful and their deaths are brutal and terrifying.

I'm referring, of course, to the millions of birds reared in Australia each year for their flesh and eggs.

The 551 million "broiler" chickens, the 9 million "battery" hens and the 12 million "useless" male chicks who are minced up alive on day one of their lives.

Each year, worldwide, more than 50 billion chickens are condemned to this life of severe deprivation inside grim, cramped sheds, turning into a joke our expression "as free as a bird'.

Jenny Moxham

A cracking solution

September 2018

Australian's are being warned about an outbreak of salmonella enteritidis, which has led to a recall of eggs.

Symptoms include fever, headache, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. There is a simple solution: don’t eat eggs.

Birds exploited for their eggs are crammed together in wire cages, without sufficient room to even spread one wing. Because the hens are packed together so tightly, these normally clean animals are forced to urinate and defecate on one another.

The birds have part of their sensitive beaks cut off so that they won’t peck each other out of the frustration created by this unnatural confinement.

Because the male chicks of these birds are unable to lay eggs and are not bred to produce the excessive flesh demanded by the meat industry, they are gassed to death with carbon dioxide or ground up alive immediately after hatching.

Females follow their mothers into a short, miserable life of confinement. After their bodies are worn out and their egg production drops, they are transported to slaughter. It is common for birds to sustain broken wings and legs from rough handling, and many die from the stress of the journey.

At the abattoir, the birds’ legs are forced into shackles, their throats are cut and they are plunged into scalding-hot water to remove their feathers. If you want to dodge food poisoning, and save up to 200 chickens from this grisly fate every year, avoid eggs like the plague.

Desmond Bellamy  PETA Australia

More a chicken or cruelty question

June 2018

The healthiness or lack of it in consuming eggs should be irrelevant. The discussion we should be having is whether we have a right to condemn millions of inoffensive little birds to a life of hell, culminating with a brutal, agonising and terrifying death, simply because we enjoy the taste of their eggs.

Not only are laying hens deprived of all semblance of a natural life, the majority is deprived of sunshine, fresh air and space to exercise. They confined in small, cramped cages. At the slaughterhouse, those who succeed in avoiding the stun-bath and automated throat-cutter are simultaneously drowned and boiled in the scalding tank.

Although we’ve been conditioned from childhood to regard eggs as a “natural” human food, eggs were never designed to be food for anyone. They are simply part of a bird’s reproductive process – the jelly-, membrane- and albumin-filled sac in which a chick embryo develops. The question we should be asking is not is it healthy to consume eggs, but is it cruel to consume them. We should also be asking ourselves if we really want to consume a waste product expelled from a female’s bottom.

Jenny Moxham

Dumped on roadsides

June 2018

Chickens and roosters do not deserve to be dumped on roadsides – but neither do they deserve to be culled.(Too chicken to kill but not to dump.)

No chicken, anywhere, deserves to suffer simply because we have a acquired a taste for their eggs. Although we’ve been conditioned to view eggs as a natural human food – a staple, in fact -eggs were never designed to be food for anyone.

They are simply part of a birds reproductive process; the jelly, membrane and albumin filled sac in which a chick embryo develops. Think about it. Do you really think man’s natural food would be a waste product expelled from a female’s bottom?

Jenny Moxham

Kinder world

March 2018

Congratulations to Rebekah Sharkie in her move to make life less crowded for "free-range" hens. A move to a kinder world.

For years the World Health Organisation has been advising a plant-based diet. A more ethical move by the Thomas Foods Industry management would be to expand into vegetarian burgers and slowly eliminate meat production, showing concern for the quality of life on our overcrowded planet.

Alice Shore

Feathers Fly

March 2018

I am one of the vegans whose ".. feathers fly as vegans get in a flap over Womad spectacle," as tonnes of feathers were sprayed over the audience.

Gentle birds are treated as commodities, and yes, some feathers are technically 'by products' of the chicken and egg industries, that are stripped from the birds in scalding tanks. These industries are the largest exploiters of chickens and ducks, as they all require enslavement and eventual premature death.

Billions of birds are abused for their flesh, eggs, foie gras and feathers. Many feathers are stripped from ducks, geese and swans by 'live plucking,' without anaesthetic or sterilisation, where birds are held down by their necks and wings as the targeted breast feathers are torn from their skin, often causing open wounds, broken wings and bones.

The cruel process is repeated every 6 to 7 weeks. We have no need of feathers or down to be warm in our homes or clothing, as warm animal friendly alternatives are available made from bamboo, hemp and coconut fibres.

Diane Cornelius