How can it be?

August 2018

Ed Vaughan's letter stated the ‘wages of sin is death’.

How can that be when people of all ages die accidentally and due to grave illnesses?

Actually... growing scientific evidence proves that vegans are healthier without the cholesterol that builds up in our arteries from eating unhealthy animal products. Vegans also suffer less from dementia for this reason.

Ed Vaughan obviously wants to be forgiven for eating sentient animals by stating that God gave us ‘dominion’ over them.

Genesis was originally written in Hebrew so every translation involves interpretation, which shows having the right to exploit or despoil is wrong.

We are charged to protect, support, love and treat animals with dignity and respect each according to its kind.

Diane Cornelius

Suffering animals

August 2018

Were being called on to help the “poor” drought-stricken farmers.

But what about the poor sheep and cattle who are physically suffering through lack of food?

What have they ever done to us to deserve this pain?

Drought is “part and parcel” of Australia.

Clearly this hot, dry land is not a good place to raise vast numbers of sheep and cattle.

Despite this, farmers continue to fill the land with livestock and when drought comes our government rushes to keep them afloat with multi-million dollar handouts.

It’s time to phase out industries that are not sustainable – and the livestock industry is one of them.

Jenny Moxham

Meaty issue

July 2018

Ed Vaughan believes we should kill animals for food because, "while Peter was in a trance “God” told him to kill and eat." 

Does Ed also believe we should enslave humans, murder, rape and pillage because “God” ordered these cruel acts? Just about every other page in the Old Testament has God ordering the death of somebody.

Clearly the Bible is the word of man, not the word of a just and loving God? Consequently we should not base our actions on what we read in this archaic book but on what is just and fair.

Is it fair to subject inoffensive animals to the pain and terror of slaughter just because we enjoy the taste of their flesh?

Is it fair to truck millions of newborn calves to the slaughterhouse in their first week of life just because we enjoy the taste of their milk?

As an anti abortionist, Ed, why do you condone this cruelty to babies? And is it fair

to condemn hens to lives of intolerable suffering inside uncomfortable wire cages just because we enjoy the taste of their eggs?

If you were in their place, Ed, how would you like to be treated? 

Jenny Moxham


July 2018

Why should a human life be deemed worthy of saving, but a non-human life be deemed worthless?

Last week as people around the world – including me – rejoiced following the rescue of the Thai children trapped in the cave, I reflected on this question.

I couldn’t help thinking about the millions of other youngsters who are currently trapped – trapped inside our grim and gloomy factory farms.

These frightened youngsters never escape from their “caves” alive, yet they don’t want to die terrifyingly and painfully any more than human children do.

“Broiler chickens” still have their baby blue eyes when sent to their hideous and cruel death and pigs are just six months old when sent to slaughter.

Where is our compassion for these innocent, vulnerable youngsters?

If we have sympathy for humans, but none for non-humans – who feel pain in exactly the same way – aren’t we guilty of speciesism?

And isn’t speciesism – discrimination against another solely on account of its species – just as indefensible as racism, or sexism?

Jenny Moxham

Ludicrous claim

July 2018

Dairy Farmers, the Camerons, continue to make the same ludicrous claim that PETA’s shearing video was fake, despite the fact that the Australian shearers in question admitted their guilt in court. 

They say dairy farmers don’t “mercilessly kill millions of calves”. Fact: Each year in Australia 450,000 newborn dairy calves are trucked to the slaughterhouse in their first week of life.

The Camerons say, they “abhor” cruelty to animals. But can they deny that they force their cows to endure the physical pain of giving birth each year, the emotional pain of having their babies continually stolen from them, and the terror and pain of being sent to the slaughterhouse as soon as their milk supply wanes?

John and Jenny, if your Oxford Dictionary defines milk as opaque white fluid secreted by female mammals for feeding “young”

I suggest you get a new dictionary. I just looked at an ancient copy that I have and it clearly said milk was produced by mammals for “their young”. 

Jenny Moxham

Remember we’re all God’s creatures

June 2018

Re: “Jesus apparently loved his fish.” There’s one suggestion in the Bible I wholeheartedly agree with: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Although this directive was intended for humans, if we all treated all beings the way we would like to be treated if we were them, what a wonderful world it would be.

Jenny Moxham

Power of language

June 2018

Scott Kovacevic’s editorial referring to the frequent absurdity of human language.

Of course it would be fascinating to understand “dog talk”, although even more important would be the obvious interpretation of farmed animal’s voices and cries, who are imprisoned in filthy factory farms, on stinking export vessels and are forced to go to slaughter in their billions.

We would surely all be vegan.

Diane Cornelius

The genesis of misperception

June 2018

In his letter, “The genesis of misperception,” ‘SD’ wrote of Eric Bahrt: “Your value of compassion for other beings is sacred enough.” I agree, and include Jenny Moxham’s letters, which reject all animal cruelty.

All the biblical talk has nothing to do with the way animals are treated in industrial factory farming and how Thailand’s elephants lead lives of deprivation, are mercilessly beaten and have their spirits broken. Many of the world’s wild animals are nearing extinction and we should be respecting and allowing them to live their lives as naturally as they can. Australia is not blameless for the slaughter of our iconic kangaroos.

Diane Cornelius

No chance for animals to grow old

June 2018

Imagine never growing old. An appealing thought? Well, there’s one group of individuals who never grow old.

These individuals never grow old because their lives are cruelly snuffed out. I’m referring, of course to farmed animals. The youngest victims – hatched by the egg industry – are the millions of “useless” male chicks who are dropped live into mincing machines on day one of their lives.

The next youngest are bobby calves who are barley one week old when trucked to the slaughterhouse.

Broiler chickens, at just six weeks of age, still have their baby blue eyes when they meet their gruesome death and pigs and lambs are six month old when killed. Beef cattle are slaughtered at around three years of age and spent dairy cows are killed at about five years of age.  

Jenny Moxham

Animals should share our peace

May  2018

I notice that May 16 was International Day of Living Together in Peace. Now, obviously, this “day” was established with human beings alone in mind. But is there any logical reason why we shouldn’t include everybody in this?

By “everybody”, I mean every living, feeling being. Is there any valid reason why humans deserve to live in peace but non-humans don’t?

Why is it considered okay for us to deprive them not only of all semblance of a natural life but also fresh air, sunshine and space to exercise?

Why is it okay for us to agonisingly mutilate them and needlessly subject them to a terrifying and violent death? Isn’t it time we humans started living in peace with all sentient beings?

Jenny Moxham

Animal farming

March 2018

Miles Kemp's article "Horses, possum and donkey meat would be on the menu under legal changes in SA, " sent shivers down my spine. The article goes on to also suggest allowing buffalo, camel, deer, goat, pig, hare, and wallaby, as well as our iconic kangaroo.

Cruel, intensive industrial animal agriculture of gentle cows, lambs, pigs, chickens, ducks, turkeys and fish, and their secretions, milk and eggs, for our temporary taste bud satisfaction, is already completely unsustainable and environmentally polluting.

We must adopt non-violent, non polluting, lighter footprint lifestyles and create compassionate and gentle populations. The survival of our species and even planet, is dependent on the empathy and responsibility that veganism embodies. 

Diane Cornelius

Switching to the animals’ point of view.

March 2018

Tony Ash wonders if farmed animals would prefer to “savour” life in order to be eaten – or prefer to never exist at all. Firstly, to savour something means to enjoy it, and I doubt whether any farmed animals would ever “enjoy” their lives. 

Endure, would be a more appropriate word. This is because the majority are imprisoned in grim, stinking, sunless, cramped factory farms. They have no semblance of a natural life and, in addition to this, they are agonisingly mutilated. Laying hens may be in chronic pain as a result of de-beaking while “broiler” chickens are deliberately bred in a manner known to cause suffering. Animals reared outdoors suffer too.

Dairy cows are compelled to give birth each year and each year they have their beloved newborn babies torn from their side. Calves are agonisingly castrated and dehorned. Sheep and cattle suffer in droughts and severe heat and many sheep freeze to death after being shorn. 

This is only a fraction of the pain farmed animals are forced to endure. And, of course, they all meet a terrifying and brutal slaughter. Does Tony seriously think any sensitive, intelligent animal would prefer this life over no life? I know I wouldn’t.

Jenny Moxham

Training people

Feb 2018

I understand that the RSPCA is going to start focussing on training people in proper care for their dogs, cats and other domestic pets?  However, I question their advertising themselves “for all creatures great and small”? 

What are they doing about the transport of sheep, cattle, goats and chickens in searing heat, as I witnessed today in Birdwood. At 2pm, two sheep transporters drove through Birdwood with obviously distressed animals on board. It was 40 degrees! The number plates were so dirty, you couldn’t read the numbers. Imagine how hot the steel plate floors in these trucks get, not to mention the dog boxes underneath. When is something going to be done to put a temperature limit on farm animal transport?

Meanwhile, all over the hills, one sees sheep, cows and horses in paddocks with no shade or shelter, enduring 40 degree heat or freezing wind and rain, depending on the season. When is something going to be done about that? I commend PETA and other concerned groups, for continuing to point out the cruelty and lack of care being shown to certain groups of animals which appear to have little or no legal protection.

Alex Hodges