Rare duck shot 

March 2019

South Australian Conservation Minister David Speirs has announced the duck and quail shooting season for 2019. 
Although shooters are expected to be able to identify protected endangered species, this is a contentious issue. 
At Loch Luna Game Reserve near Kingston SE, a shooter killed a rare protected blue-winged shoveler and was fined $600. 
The species is protected across the country for a reason. Wildlife authorities state their conservation status is due to their habitat degradation. 
Allowing open season on ducks is despicable because thousands are maimed and die unnecessarily for the macabre pleasure of a few. 

 Fay Mathews

Duck season

December 2018
What a disappointment to caring people. 
The duck shooting season is coming again. Shame on the Liberal Government. Not so liberal with compassion. 
Alice Shore

Open season for Duck Hunting 2019

December 2018
The announcement by SA Minister for the Environment and Water, David Speirs, has announced a 2019 Duck and Quail Hunting Open Season, from March 16th until June 30th, supporting less than 1% of the population.

I am bitterly disappointed as we can expect more horror stories, such as the activists placing 800 dead birds, including 296 protected species, outside the Victorian Parliament in 2017. Widespread non-compliance with the SA laws and shooters as young as 14years, involved in the carnage is teaching them that their 'fun' is more important than lives.

An appalling life lesson, that often leads to adult violence that we are trying so hard to prevent. In the 21st century, how can this barbaric, archaic cruelty to innocent birds be permitted?

Diane Cornelius

Don’t duck this issue

December 2018

Such a heart-warming story of the rescue of baby ducks from a drain (“Pair don’t duck the job).  

At least these little ones have a good chance of a brighter future than the thousands of our native ducks who are shot at and killed as our State Government continues to declare permitted duck shooting every year.

I hope that everyone who is moved by this story can also be inspired to contact the government and voice your concern at the approval of wanton destruction of our wildlife.

 Janine Clipstone

Duck shooting concerns

June 2018

On behalf of residents concerned with duck deaths I, have requested more duck signs, informing people what they can/ cannot feed the local ducks, to be placed near the main lake in Mawson Lakes.

It’s important that people follow the signage as to look after our wildlife and environment.

In addition to current council signage, an additional sign will be installed in line on the retaining wall near the Mawson Lakes Boat Deck Cafe outdoor eating area, to further strengthen the message.

An important aspect of the current signs is to use words as well as pictorial messages to assist with education of our multicultural society. Please look out for the additional signage, and follow the signage provided.

Cr Beau Brug, City of Salisbury


February 2018

With a state decision looming in March. It is both amazing and disappointing that the current State Government is allowing another season of duck shooting. Most people abhor this violent activity.

Alice Shore

Duck shooting season 2018

Feb 2018

Our state government has announced yet another Duck Shooting season will go ahead from Feb 17th till June 26th. The majority of voters are apposed to the annual slaughter. According to environment minister, Ian Hunter, the amusement of a small number of shooters prevails. 

WA, NSW, Qld compassionately banned it years ago. Innocent native waterbirds will be in the line of fire and many ducklings will perish without their mothers. Perpetrated on private land, these birds have no protection, even if they are endangered species. Shot guns will spray dozens of pellets to kill and maim without exception.

Diane Cornelius